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  •   quart, liquid (US)
  •   table spoon
  •   tea spoon

Quick notes on volume units

The below will give you a quick glance on each volume unit. Helping you to find an conversion answer as quickly as possible is always our top priority.

acre foot1 acre foot = 1233.48184 m3.
barrel (oil)1 barrel (oil) = 0.158987295 m3.
bushel (UK)1 bushel (UK) = 0.035239072 m3.
bushel (US)1 bushel (US) = 0.036368735 m3.
centiliter1 centiliter = 10-5 m3.
cubic centimeter1 cubic centimeter = 10-6 m3.
cubic decimeter1 cubic decimeter = 10-3 m3.
cubic decameter1 cubic decameter = 103 m3.
cubic foot1 cubic foot = 0.0283168466 m3.
cubic inch1 cubic inch = 1.6387064×10-5 m3.
cubic kilometer1 cubic kilometer = 109 m3.
cubic meterCubic meter is the SI derived unit of volume, denoted as m3. Volume of a cube with edges one metre in length is equal to 1 m3.
cubic mile1 cubic mile = 4.16818183×109 m3.
cubic millimeter1 cubic millimeter = 10-9 m3.
cubic yard1 cubic yards = 0.764554858 m3.
cup1 cup = 0.000236588237 m3.
deciliter1 deciliter = 0.0001 m3.
dram (UK)1 dram (UK) = 3.5516328125x10-6 m3.
dram (US)1 dram (US) = 3.696 6911953125x10-6 m3.
fluid ounce (UK)1 fluid ounce (UK) = 2.84130742×10-5 m3.
fluid ounce (US)1 fluid ounce (US) = 2.95735296×10-5 m3.
gallon (UK)1 gallon (UK) = 0.00454609188 m3.
gallon, dry (US)1 gallon, dry (US) = 4.40488377086 m3.
gallon, liquid (US)1 gallon, liquid (US) = 0.00378541178 m3.
liter [l or L]1 liter [l or L] = 0.001 m3.
milliliter1 milliliter = 10-6 m3.
pint (UK)1 pint (UK) = 0.000568261485 m3.
pint, dry (US)1 pint, dry (US) = 0.0005506104713575 m3.
pint, liquid (US)1 pint, liquid (US) = 0.000473176473 m3.
quart (UK)1 quart (UK) = 0.00113652297 m3.
quart, dry (US)1 quart, dry (US) = 0.001101220942715 m3.
quart, liquid (US)1 quart, liquid (US) = 0.000946352946 m3.
table spoon1 table spoon = 1.47867648 × 10-5 m3.
tea spoon1 tea spoon = 4.92892159 × 10-6 m3.

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