Conversão de Unidades de Força

Force Unit Conversion

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  • dyne
  • kilogram force
  • kilonewton [kN]
  • kip
  • meganewton [MN]
  • newton [N]
  • pound force
  • poundal
  • sthene
  • tonne force

Quick notes on force units

The below will give you a quick glance on each force unit. Helping you to find an conversion answer as quickly as possible is always our top priority.

dyne1 dyne = = 10−5 Newton.
kilogram force1 kilogram force = 9.80665 Newton.
kilonewton [kN]1 kilonewton = 1000 newton.
kip1 kip = 1000 pound force.
meganewton [MN]1 meganewton = 106 newton.
newton [N]Newton (symbol N) is the force required to accelerate a one kilogram mass at a rate of one meter per second squared.
pound force1 pound force ≈ 4.448222 newton.
poundal1 poundal ≈ 0.138255 newton.
sthene1 sthene = 1000 newton.
tonne force1 tonne force ≈ 9.8 kilonewtons.