House Affordability

(Car loan, creadit card,
student loan payments, etc.)
15 years     30 years   Other:
28%     31%     33%
36%     40%     44%

How Much House Can I Afford?


Using the house affordability calculator

  • Annual Gross Income - Annual pre-tax income.
  • Monthly Debt - Non-housing debts, including car payment, creadit card, student loan payment, etc.
  • Property Tax - Annual property tax.
  • Insurance - House owner insurance
  • Down Payment - Down payment when buying a house.
  • Interest Rate - Mortgage loan annual interest rate.
  • Loan Term - The term of the mortgage.
  • Front End Ratio - Calculated as Monthly Housing Expenses divided by Monthly Income.
  • Back End Ratio - Calculated as Total Monthly Debt Expenses divided by Monthly Income.
  • Income Taxes Rate - The ratio of your total taxes (including federal and state income taxes, medicare, social security etc.) and your income. This is used to illustrate monthly income breakdown chart.