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Quick notes on data storage units

The below will give you a quick glance on each data storage unit. Helping you to find an conversion answer as quickly as possible is always our top priority.

bitIn computer science, bit is a basic unit of information, usually denoted by 0 or 1.
byte1 byte = 8 bits
kilobit [Kb]1 kilobit (kbit) = 210 bits
kilobyte [KB]1 kilobyte (kbyte) = 210 bytes
megabit [Mb]1 megabit (Mbit) = 220 bits
megabyte [MB]1 megabyte (Mbyte) = 220 bytes
gigabit [Gb]1 gigabit (Gbit) = 230 bits
gigabyte [GB]1 gigabyte (Gbyte) = 230 bytes
terabit [Tb]1 terabit (Tbit) = 240 bits
terabyte [TB]1 terabyte (Tbyte) = 240 bytes
petabit [Pb]1 petabit (Pbit) = 250 bits
petabyte [PB]1 petabyte (Pbyte) = 250 bytes
exabit [Eb]1 exabit (Ebit) = 260 bits
exabyte [EB]1 exabyte (Ebyte) = 260 bytes
zettabit [Zb]1 zettabit (Zbit) = 270 bits
zettabyte [ZB]1 zettabyte (Zbyte) = 270 bytes
yottabit [Yb]1 yottabit (Ybit) = 280 bits
yottabyte [YB]1 yottabyte (Ybyte) = 280 bytes

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