MIRR 修正(調整)内部収益率

修正(調整)内部収益率 (MIRR)

リターン(MIRR)の修正された内部収益率は、IRRと同様の手法である。 IRRとは異なり、それは、計算が容易である一つの値だけを求め、IRRとのいくつかの問題を解決します。それは、投資を評価するための代替措置だ。この無料のオンラインツールはMIRRを計算するのに役立ち、バッチデータ·ロードをサポートしています。

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修正(調整)内部収益率 (MIRR):


Using the modified internal rate of reutrn (MIRR) calculator

  • Internal Rate of Return (IRR) - IRR is the rate that makes NPV equal to zero in an investment.
  • Initial Investment - Initial investment on the first year.
  • Finance rate - The interest rate you pay on the money used in the cash flows.
  • Reinvestment rate - The interest rate you receive on the cash flows as you reinvest them.
  • Cash-In - Annual cash in-flows.
  • Cash-Out - Annual cash out-flows.
  • Net Cash Flow - Cash-in minus cash-out.

What is MIRR (modified internal rate of return)

MIRR is the modification of IRR, and try to resolve some problems with the IRR. MIRR assumes that reinvest rate may be different with your financing rate, so reflects cost and profitability of a project more accurately.

How to calculate MIRR?

MIRR is calculated with the fomula:
modified internal rate of return (MIRR) calculation formula